Are you Well Fed?

To us, being well fed is not only eating well but living well.

Welcome to Well Fed. We are a boutique food studio nestled in the heart of the beautiful North Vancouver Mountains. Our intent is to provide you with meal solutions and inspiration for the time starved who still want to eat well.

We offer meals to go, elementary school lunch program “The Magic Lunch Box”, meal assembly classes and private cooking classes.

We feel that eating well can, and should, taste great. We believe in what we like to call ‘Lifestyle Eating’ following the 80/20 rule.   The majority of our meals (80%) focus on health: lean protein and nutrient-rich vegetables. The other 20% includes a bit of decadence which we feel is part of a well-rounded diet. Our menu rotates monthly for our dinners to go so we get an opportunity to highlight seasonal local produce and new creative entrees.  So be Well Fed.

*New we are now open each weekday for your to stop by and pick up To Go Meals even if you just want one entree:) 

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*Please note our summer hours for July and August at 9 – 3 pm each weekday

*Please note the studio will be closed for pick ups from August 1st-5th, we will reopen for pick ups on August 8th.  *We will be running a delivery on Tues August 2nd.