Community/school Fundraising

Tired of the same old fundraising initiatives?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of dinners ready to go for those busy nights?

Well Fed makes healthy meals a snap!

Purchase frozen ready to cook meals, because who doesn’t want a night off from cooking!

How does it work?

For schools using the MunchaLunch Program:

*Set up the program as a fundraising event on MunchaLunch. It’s just as easy as adding another hot lunch day! 

*Set your timeline- Choose your first day of sales, the final day and preferred delivery day

*Parents order under child’s name, same as the hot lunches

*Well Fed delivers to the school just before the kids go home

*Can be set up as a monthly program to further increase your fundraising efforts

Not on the MunchaLunch Program? No problem!:

*If your school/program does not use MunchaLunch we can set up the ordering on our website, please let us know if this is your preference

*10% of total revenue goes back to the school/community program (Discount based on bulk orders)

*Our Fundraising Coordinator is here to help and support your during your fundraising campaign

*We provide you with materials to promote a successful fundraiser 

What’s on the Menu?

(Entree size-serves 2-3. Pricing: Veggie Entrees-$17.50, Meat/Seafood-$19.50)

Meat Lasagna- freezer to oven,

Baked Spinach Penne– freezer to oven
Channa Saag Paneer – one pot wonders
*Chicken Tenders freezer to oven

*Chicken Burritos- freezer to oven
Beef Burritos- freezer to oven

Or choose from our Monthly Specials 

*All Well Fed chicken and pork is free run, antibiotic and hormone free

Order Now Through Your School Fundraiser:


Don’t see your school on this list? Contact your school’s PAC and ask them to set up a fundraiser with us!


Interested in learning more?
Contact our Fundraising Coordinator at or 604-971-4756