Meals to Go!

How Do I Order Meals for delivery?

Easy as 1…2…3!

1.  Order your Delivery online. Choose a date from the drop down box below to register and pay.
***Or call or e-mail us at 604-971-4756 or with your menu selections (pick up or delivery).

2. Choose # of meals you want to order. Download our monthly menu (below). Fill out the form and choose your entrees. Save as a pdf or word document. 

3. E-mail your menu selections to Please send your menu selections to us the Friday prior to your delivery or pick-up for any special dietary requests, otherwise a delivery can be ordered up until noon the day before.

Download September’s Menu Form – some stock still available, just ask!

October Menu – download the order form

Individual entrees (2-3 servings) 

Meat/seafood-$21.80,  veggie-$18.80


Delivered (bulk meal packages)

*Each entree feeds 2-3 people.

Order 8 + (2-3 serving size) = 4% off your order

order 16 + (2-3 serving size) = 8% off your order

order 32 + (2-3 serving size = 10% off your order


Delivery fees

$5.00 for North Shore

$15.00 for Vancouver/Burnaby


New Delivery Packaging

Please note we will now be delivering your meals in a strong corrugate box vs. our traditional red bin.  We have switched to this new method as Well Fed and our valued customers found it challenging on returns with our red totes.

The corrugated box is line with a plastic bag and all of our products are solidly frozen.

We deliver early between 6 am – 9 am, so you can place your meals in your freezer or fridge prior to you heading off to work.

Or if you prefer we can continue to drop off your food into your cooler bag/cooler to reduce packaging overall.  If you wish, please leave out a cooler bag/cooler for us to drop your meals inside.

Thank you, The Well Fed Team

Order Pick up:

Save $5.00 off our North Shore Delivery price if you pick up at Well Fed


Studio hours we are open Mon 9-2 pm, Tues-Fri-9 am- 6 pm for pick up.

Even if you just want one meal. Call or e-mail your order to us and we will get it ready for you ahead of time.  604-971-4756,


Register for an upcoming delivery:

*Please review our cancellation policy before booking.

Call us at 604 971 4756 to book by phone