Community/school Fundraising

Tired of the same old fundraising initiatives?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of dinners ready to go for those busy nights?

Well Fed makes healthy meals a snap!

Purchase frozen ready to cook meals, no chopping, no prepping! Because who doesn’t want a night off from cooking!

Order Now Through Your School/organization’s Fundraiser:

CARISBROOKE –  School Delivery: Weds March 11th at 1:30pm – Order Now!

CLEVELAND  – School Delivery: Weds February 26th at 2:30pm – Ordering Closed


Don’t see your school on this list? Contact your PAC Fundraising Coordinator and ask them to contact us to set up…it’s so easy!


Families can order and help support their school’s fundraiser the following ways:


1. Delivered to the School: must meet min. of 32+ packages (2-3 serving size) in total orders

2. Customer Walk-in Order: minimum order of $80 – must let us know that this part of fundraiser at time of purchase

3. Deliveries to Customer’s home (Thursday mornings): must meet minimum ordering requirements (min. $150) – must let us know that this part of fundraiser at time of purchase/in comments when ordering online

**Delivered to the School: How does it work?

*We set up the program as a fundraising event on our website with your school’s very own link that parents can access and place their orders

*Set your timeline- Choose your first day of sales, the final day and preferred delivery day

*Well Fed delivers to the school just before the kids go home

*Can be set up as a monthly program to further increase your fundraising efforts

*10% of total revenue goes back to the school/community program (Discount based on bulk orders and cannot be combined with other discounts)

*Our Fundraising Coordinator is here to help and support your during your fundraising campaign

*We provide you with materials to promote a successful fundraiser 

What’s on the Menu?

(Entree size-serves 2-3. Pricing: Veggie Entrees-$18.80, Meat/Seafood-$21.80)

Meat Lasagna- freezer to oven,

Baked Spinach Penne– freezer to oven

Triple Cheese Mac with Butternut Squash – freezer to oven
Chana Saag Paneer – one pot wonders
*Chicken Tenders freezer to oven

*Chicken Burritos- freezer to oven
Beef Burritos- freezer to oven

Or choose from our Monthly Specials 

*All Well Fed chicken and pork is free run, antibiotic and hormone free


Interested in learning more?
Contact our Fundraising Coordinator at or 604-971-4756