Keika Trails – Home Based Childcare Lunch Service Trial

$0.00 every Wednesday

Please note that this is a Trial Bulk Meal Service for Stephanie Blakley at Keika Trails Childcare.

Meals will be provided in bulk and delivery weekly each Thursday morning to your home based childcare center.

Meal service details

Well Fed will be providing 5 day a week meal program; which includes a bulk delivery of lunches (mix of fresh and frozen) for all children who attend.  Deliveries will be once per week on Thursday morning between 6 am – 10 am.  As a suggestion if there are fresh lunches provided to use these first and use frozen items later.  We hope to work you to learn about the how to best provide you with lunch service that suit your home daycare needs.  Food that works well for you in ease of preparation/planning as well as well balanced healthy lunches that the kids enjoy to eat.

ordering/Automated Billing

Please sign up below.
Click on the days you would like service.
Cost of service will be $47.25/day (9 servings per day @ $5.25 per order)
This is a subscription product and will automatically renew and be billed to your credit card each Wednesday.  You only have to sign up once.

*The cost per day of meal service is normally $5.25/day/child for our current daycare lunch service.
This will be billed weekly to your credit card on each Wednesday.

Dietary Restrictions & Needs

Please note if any of the children attending have any specific dietary restrictions or needs.
Please fill out the information in the box provided.
Well Fed can accommodate for most dietary needs, such as vegetarian, gluten free.
If there is something we are not able to modify/suit will we contact you.

Pause/Cancellation Service

You can pause your service at anytime. For example if you know that you will be away/closed for a week.
Or if you would like to change up the number of days you would like service on.
You can also cancel your lunch service. You can do both by logging into your account.
Both pausing/cancelling your service must be done the Tuesday the week prior.
As our automated billing charges your account on Wednesday for the following week.


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First payment: June 29, 2022