Childcare Meal Program

Well Fed is trusted local caterer committed to offering healthy meals to childcare centers.

We have been nourishing minds and bodies for over a decade

A Bit About Our Childcare Meal Service

Meals and snacks are made in-house from scratch using whole and wherever possible, locally sourced ingredients.

Our entire menu meets the Guidelines for Food & Beverage Sales in BC schools, but we don’t stop there. We look for ways to add nutrient-rich ingredients and essential lean protein that will give your kids the staying power to learn effectively.

We consult regularly on all of our menus with a local dietitian, that is an expert on nutrition for infant/toddlers & preschoolers.

Meals are served bulk in reusable environmentally friendly containers
or the option of compostable individual containers per child 

Bulk Meals are portioned individually on site.

Each month is a new menu, offering a variety of well balanced, healthy, kid friendly meals

Children eat the same foods together.
This encourages connectivity, and trial of new foods.

We offer morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack with a focus on fruits and vegetables.

Stress-free for parents

No need to worry about packaging food. We will handle all of that for you, with well balanced healthy meals and snacks.

We are passionate about creating healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Sample Childcare Menu

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