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Proudly serving lunches to schools and daycares for over a decade.

Well Fed Menu 2022.2023

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Well Fed What Makes Us Different

• Meals are made in-house from scratch using whole, and wherever possible,
locally sourced ingredients.

• We are proud to let you know that all of our chicken is antibiotic and hormone free.

• Our menu meets the guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC schools, but we do not stop there. We look for ways to add nutrient-rich ingredients and essential lean protein that will give your kids the staying power to learn effectively. We use a balance of ingredients, not just starches.

• NO deep frying here! We are passionate about creating healthy eating habits to last a lifetime. Healthy everyday entrees the kids will love to eat and the parents are happy to serve. It’s a win/win.

• Appropriate meal sizes based on age and/or appetite. We offer a regular size for the little guys, or light eaters, and a large size for the older kids, or those with a bigger appetite!

• Baked goods program, made in-house. Even with our baked goods we look for ways to boost the nutrition. We do this by adding buttermilk, whole wheat flour, oats, real fruit and vegetables.

• Just want the treats or our new side dishes? You can order those on their own for special school events, or as a lunch day add-on.

• Looking for a vendor you can trust to properly execute an extra theme day/special event? We can work with you to tailor-make a special menu or theme day/special event at your school such as Mexican Day or Pasta Day.

• We are highly organized and deliver on time, making execution at your end easier! We even provide extra lunches on us, just in case there are any bumps.

• We are happy to let you know that we use environmentally-friendly packaging.  All our products are either biodegradable or recyclable.

We will work hard to make your hot lunch program a success!

Call or e-mail us to learn more at 604-971-4756,

Looking for unique fundraising opportunities for your school? Check out our FUNDRAISING PAGE for more information on how to get started!