New Direct to Home School Lunch Trial- June 2021

From: $35.00 / week

Tired of making lunches for your kids?

Well Fed is extremely excited to work with your Elementary School.
We will are happy to let you know that we will be continuing the Direct to Home Pilot at your school for for the rest of 2021 school year.
This new service and will deliver healthy lunches for your children direct to
your home.
**Please note that this is a trial and we hope to learn how best to provide you this service, as well as how to build a more user friendly order system through much appreciated feedback from you.

about well fed

How does it work?

Weekly home delivery to your front door by a COVID friendly non-contact delivery

**To reach minimum delivery requirements each weekly order we have three base packages based on feedback from you.

Base Package Options:

1) Six Lunch options, One Snack Package and Fundraising for your school- $49.50
(lunches built into this option).
2) One 4-6 serving sized dinner entrees and Fundraising for your school- $45.00- you add on lunches
3) One 2-3 serving sized dinner entrée, One Snack Pack and Fundraising for your school- $35.00- you add on lunches

If you have selected the base package with 6 lunch options you do not need to add on lunches if you do not want to.  Your order will have six lunch options included.
If your base package does not include lunches, each week you select the number of lunches you would like for your family (each lunch is $5.75).
Lunches are a mixture of fresh (ready to use) and frozen (heat and serve) options.
*Please note that this is a subscription service so your order will be billed to you each week on Thursday morning.
*You can make changes to your subscription as often as you like. So at anytime you can add on to your order, skip a week, or cancel your subscription.
*All changes need to made the Wednesday the week prior.

Follow the instructions below to create or update your subscription and menu selections.  
The instructions will guide you on placing your menu selections for your lunches, dinner option and snack options.