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We made it! We are finally opening the doors to the Well Fed Studio.

Here’s to the start of a new chapter – Well Fed! I have ideas that just do not quit and I have dreamt of owning my own business for years, so this is truly a dream come true and now the journey begins. I feel like I just won an Oscar. I want to send out a huge thank you to all that allowed me to pick your brain to get this going and thanks to the action oriented ones who enabled me to move forward when I was nervous. THANK YOU!

Food and people are my passion. I love how food links us all together, and fills us up… more than just our bellies. It is a commonality that we all share, we all need to eat.

I hope to inspire you with food, connect you with new and old friends and family and allow you to continue to enjoy, discover, grow and re-energize. All while eating great food and having fun of course! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Our courses will take a fresh look at food and aim to interrelate with the stage in life you are in.  We also want to provide you with courses based on traditional skills and knowledge using simple and effective techniques. Our goal is to give you the tools and allow you to have more confidence and know how to be comfortable and accomplished in your own kitchen.

Life is busy I know and sometimes eating well can be forgotten or rushed. Our courses will help you regain your balance and energy. I want to leave you feeling Well Fed all over!

I am pumped, and can not wait to explore the endless and delicious world of food with you!


Ann Marie




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