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Boo! November’s Meal Assembly Menu

Happy Halloween!

This is my typical Halloween, rush home, shove the kids into their costumes and whip on some ghoulish makeup. Then try to keep them calm enough to stuff some food in their bellies.  Does this sound like you?

Or you are headed to a dinner party and have been running around all day and forgot you are supposed to bring an appie.  AHHH!

Yes, the joys of real life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have not worry about the food and have it prepared ahead of time.

Let us help you.

This month’s menu has some amazing quick, easy and savoury meals for home.

As well as some meals that can just as easily be used as an appie to wow your friends for your next event.

Check it out. below.

Download November’s Meal Assembly Menu

Have a deliciously safe Halloween.


Ann Marie



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