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Connect with Friends this month-June’s New Menu is Here!

Food is a link that brings us all together.  Right now looking outside we might forget that weather is warming up.  This time of year we get to shed the layers of clothing, stay up later and invite friends over more, yeah!  So…June’s menu has been inspired by getting together with friends and of course eating well!!!  Our newest menu includes a recipe from a true foodie friend/co-worker, this is one of her favourite meals to have with her husband and three girls, Grilled Vietnamese Sandwiches! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe, REALLY so GOOD! Not to worry we will give you all of the details on how to make these delicious sandwiches.  June’s menu also includes new options like Grilled Calamari with Roasted Vegetables drizzled with a Sweet Balsamic Reduction(requested by another friend) and Maple Mustard Riesling Pork Tenderloin.

We can not forget the kids and we have brought back some favourites such as Homemade Chicken Tenders (it is about time, last month we had this on special request more than once!),  Homemade Whole Wheat Baked Mac n’ Cheese, and a new one Honey Lime Chicken Thighs.  There are many more delicious recipes as well so check it out.

Download June’s Meal Assembly Menu

For June we have the following dates for open classes:  Tuesday June 12th, Tuesday June 19th and Thursday June 21st.

To Register for a Class Click Here

We also have the following dates open for private bookings: Thursday June 14th and Tuesday June 26th .  So…get together with a group of 6-8 a book your very own private session.  The host receives a 10% discount.

To Learn More about Private Bookings Click Here

Lastly contact us at info@wellfedstudio.com or call 604-971-4756 for our pick up option (we package the meals for you for a $30.00 charge)  available on Wednesday June 13th and Wednesday June 22nd.

We hope you enjoy! and hopefully make life a bit easier and inspire you to have spontaneous hang outs this month with friends and family.


Ann Marie


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