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Holiday Cookie Ease- Pick Up

It’s Back! Looking for holiday cookies but do not have the time to pull it all together?

Voila Holiday Cookie Ease pick up..yes that’s right, all you need to do is pick up your holiday cookie dough!!! You can check that one off the list.

Click Here to Order Your Holiday Cookies
Price- $36.00 (4 logs- 12 cookies each)
Pick Up Date: Thurs Dec 7th
Time: All Day (9 am –  9 pm)

Would you like to have elegant and delicious homemade holiday cookies ready to go for Christmas without all the mess and fuss? Well Fed’s Holiday Cookie Ease pick up is for you. Well Fed freezer cookies are made with real butter:)  Pull them from the freezer whenever you want fresh holiday cookies, cut or roll them out then bake them off. Yum! It couldn’t be easier.

Our freezer cookies are wrapped in beautiful packaging and make a great host/hostess gift too! 
Well Fed will package the cookies into 4 logs of approx. 12 cookies of each flavour.

Each package contains the following four holiday flavours!

Traditional Sugar Cookies-Perfect for rolling out with the kids
Pistachio & Cranberry Cookies
Chocolate Orange Cookies with Lindt Milk Chocolate Chunks – tastes just like Terry Chocolate Orange:)
Spiced Chai Shortbread- so good!

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