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It’s Here March’s Meal Assembly Menu!

It is here finally! to those who have been waiting “March’s Meal Assembly Menu”.

The menu was inspired by hearty meals that can easily be packed up for your next trip away.  Imagine not having to worry about planning your meals for your upcoming spring break holiday.  Just play all day on the slopes knowing that you have dinner looked after.  A delicious homemade meal waiting for you to just put it in the oven, fantastic!

Well Fed has put a couple of your fav’s such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Classic Cottage Pie and Honey BBQ Chicken Thighs.

Along with some new yummy recipes such as Chicken Lasagna with a Tomato/Cream Sauce, French White Bean Cassoulet, and Beef Stew with Red Wine, Mushrooms and topped with Blue Cheese. Yum!

Be the hero this holiday or at home this month check out March’s Meal Assembly Menu.

Download March’s Meal Assembly Menu

This month we are offering 4 open classes on March 6th, March 8th (almost sold out), March 27th and 29th.  Please click here to register.

Can’t make it to one of the classes. Well Fed will also be offering a Meal Assembly Pick Up  the day after the above classes on March 7th, 9th, 28th, 30th.  Please contact info@wellfedstudio.com or call us at 604-971-4756 to arrange for a pick up. A $30.00 extra charge for Well Fed to package the meals for you.

Lastly, remember if you get a group of 6-8 together you can book your own private party on one of the dates above or another evening.  Or book a private cooking class with your friends-8 people minimum. As a thank you the host receives a 10% booking discount.  To learn more about our private booking click here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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