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Picky Eaters No More! Cross Functional Workshop

Do you have world war epic battles at dinner time, with the picky eater in your house?  Transform your mealtime ritual into one that is as peaceful and serene as Switzerland.

Well Fed is extremely excited to offer a New Class “Pick Eaters No More!” a new cross functional workshop at the studio.   We are very happy to have a new guest instructor Kristen Yarker from Vitamin K Nutrition Consulting, a dietitian with years of experience transforming pick eaters into food confident kids.  You will leave with strategies and techniques to confidently tackle the picky eater in your house.  During the class enjoy and take home new delicious and nutritious family friendly recipes that have been created and kid tested by Ann Marie Rideout (owner of Well Fed).   Declare PEACE at your table. No more pleading, bribing, yelling, or hiding food to get your child to try new foods (yes, even the green ones)!

Well Fed is offering two classes one in March for school aged children and one in April for preschool aged children, details on the class and link to register is found below.

Picky Eater No More!- School Aged Edition 5-8 years old

Wednesday March 7th- 7:00-9:30 pm

Click here to register

Picky Eaters No More!-Preschool Edition- 3-5 years old

Tuesday April 3rd -7:00-9:30 pm

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