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Nutritious & Delicious Lunch Workshop

We know it can be hard to come with ideas for school lunches.  Shifting through all of the ingredient labels on products at the grocery store to find healthy foods.  Do you wish someone would give you a guideline and make it easier! We have done just that, Well Fed and Queen Mary School are excited to be hosting a FREE Lunch Workshop to help give parents easy ideas for school lunches and snacks that are delicious and nutritious.

We are lucky to have Lauren Paton,  RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) hosting the workshop to drill down all of the information and provide practical advice to make lunches easier and nutritious.

We want send out a big thank you to our neighbour at The Juicery Co who will be supplying refreshments and snacks to enjoy at the event.

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Details on Topics Discussed:

1) Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Children
2) Healthy Ingredient Alternatives
3) Snack Ideas
4) Items to Avoid in your Lunch Box
5) Make Ahead Recipes
6) Foods that will boost your child’s brain power
7) Take Home Overnight Oats in Mason Jar for Attendants

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