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September’s Meal Assembly Menu is a go!

Summer is almost over, sad but true…

We have had fantastic weather in August. Hopefully the sun continues through September, to make up for June.  Not sure if it works that way, but wouldn’t it be nice it if did.

Now we are headed into the hustle and bustle of September.
School and schedules are starting and life tends to get a bit more full.

Food moves to heartier stews and focuses on abundance of root vegetables from the fall harvest and not to mention thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Over the summer months, I became inspired by several new recipes that are featured in this months menu like: Honey Paprika Chicken Stuffed with Fresh Basil and Goat Cheese as well as BBQ Pork Tenderloin Ribs(a healthier taste of summer). I have also added back my favourite lasagna, decadent Butternut Squash! (so good) and a taste of Thanksgiving early delicious Chicken Supreme Stuffed with a traditional stuffing.

September’s menu also has wonderful stews that you can make ahead of time in your slower cooker. So when you come home dinner is waiting for you like: Pulled Braised Beef, Beef Tagine, African Peanut Stew and Curried Chickpea Stew.

Check out September’s Fantastic Menu

Hope you enjoy this month’s menu and our Meal Assembly Classes makes the transition into the fall easier and tastier for you and your family.

This month we are offering two open Meal Assembly Classes:

Meal Assembly Class-Tuesday Sept. 25th- 7–9 pm
Meal Assembly Class-Thursday Sept. 27th- 7-9pm

Can’t make to a class we also offer a Pick Option, where Well Fed packages your meals for you, for only $30.00 more.

Pick Up Option-Wednesday September 19th
Pick Up Option-Wednesday September 26th

We currently have three private parties already booked for September. There is limited space remaining, please contact us at info@wellfedstudio.com or 604-971-4756 to book your own.  Remember the host receives a 10% discount when they book.

To learn more about private bookings

Watch out for a special e-mail to be launched shortly highlighting our other classes for the fall…

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Ann Marie




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