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Make March Easy Order Meals from Well Fed

March Menu has arrived!

When planning March’s Menu we focused on meals that were either one pot wonders or something you can just throw in the oven.  Easy for your vacation away on the slopes or making get togethers with friends a snap.  Stocking your your freezer with pre-made Meals from Well Fed gives the same joy when someone else cleans your house.  Now dinner can be checked off the list.

So what’s on the menu for March?

Our delicious Traditional Meat Lasagne, Classic Cottage Pie (a favourite in our house), and our Vegetarian Three Bean Enchiladas.  Just pop these in the oven, and pour your self a glass of wine.  Dinner is ready when the buzzer goes off.

Or try some of our tasty Asian Dishes like: Thai Kang Ph Nang, Indian Lamb Curry, Grilled Vietnamese Beef and Vegetarian Channa Saag Paneer.  So flavourful and yummy.

As well as our handmade Crunchy Panko Crusted Fish Sticks.

Check out more of March’s Menu…

Download March’s Menu

Don’t Stress about Dinner….Be Well Fed this Month!




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