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May’s Menu, Mother’s Day Special Events and Food Revolution Day!
  • This is a special month for Mom’s who do so much for us!  Why not give them a break this month from making dinner and send them healthy and delicious meals from Well Fed?
  • Download May’s Menu
  • To celebrate Mom’s Day, Well Fed is offering two events.
  • Well Fed’s Mother’s Day Special gives $15.00 off your class on Tuesday, May 13th.  Make dinner easy this month and come and enjoy a glass of wine at the studio with some friends and assemble your meals.
  • We are also very happy to offer an event at a great price through Modern Mama, a wonderful company that is committed to getting moms out of the house.  Modern Mama North Shore hosts events like ” Stock Mama’s Freezer-Well Fed Ladies Night Out” which connects local moms together.
  • Click here to Sign Up and learn more about Modern Mama
  • So what’s on the Menu this month?
  • Inspired by Food Revolution Day we had added in a great recipe, Mustard Chicken with Leeks, from none other than Jamie Oliver! (which we tweaked just a bit to make it healthier, sorry Jamie I hope you approve).  Jamie is dedicated to getting people to cook from scratch!  Like our meals.  Food Revolution Day is on May 16th.  To learn more about this great event and sign up and become apart of the Food Revolution, check their website in the above link.
  • What are we doing at Well Fed to be apart of Food Revolution Day?…if you haven’t heard we created a collaborative event with Ross Road Elementary.  Well Fed and Ross Road’s Environmental Club have planted spinach in their school garden and we will be using this spinach in a cooking class at Well Fed’s Studio.  We will be making none other that kid friendly Baked Spinach Ziti which also just happens to be on this months menu.  Learn more about our Food Revolution adventure.
  • Enjoy!
  • Ann Marie



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