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Supporting Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day! at Well Fed

Well Fed is excited to align with Ross Road Elementary’s Environmental Club to support the worldwide Food Revolution Day on May 16th 2014!  The main purpose is to get as many kids cooking from scratch as possible. What are we doing? A Gardening/Cooking Project.

The idea of our Food Revolution journey is to plant a crop that we will turn into a tasty dish that we get to eat. YEAH!

It all started yesterday with planting spinach seeds and seedlings in the school garden.  Mike Nassichuk from Moutainside Gardening, our gardening expert whom we call on at Well Fed, taught the kids the basics on how set up their garden and plant properly.  Check out some photos of our fun in the rain! The kids were keen on getting their hands dirty, no gloves here!
The next step is to look after these plants with lots of water and TLC.  We will keep you up to date on their progress.  All our efforts will culminate on May 16th “Food Revolution Day”, first with the harvesting, and then with a cooking class here at Well Fed using the freshly picked spinach in a dish.  Yum!

We hope to inspire you, your kids, and your school to grow your vegetables and cook from scratch on Food Revolution Day!  “Weed” love to here about your cooking adventure.  🙂

Cheers to Food from Scratch!

Team Well Fed and the Ross Road Environmental Club

Spinach PlantingWendy and Mike Gardening




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